Reasons to Not Go to Medical School

If you are thinking about whether medicine is the right career path for you, this is an article you should definitely read

Why You Should do Medicine

There are loads of reasons why you should do medicine. Here are just a few of them:

Help People

Do you want to make a difference to someone’s life? Well, there’s no better profession than being a medical doctor.


If you want a challenge in your life then what else could be a more challenging and rewarding than medicine.

Lifelong Learning

If you love learning and never want to stop then you don’t look any further. Medicine will make sure you are kept up to date with the latest news and stories that affect everyone in the world.

Why You Shouldn’t do Medicine

However, medicine is not for everyone.

Here are some of the reasons why you should stay clear of doing medicine.

Work Ethic

If A-levels or Uni wasn’t that difficult and got good grades without putting effort then medicine will be tough.

There is loads of materials to know and lots of practice as well, It has to do a lot with memorization so it’s not something you can just breeze.

Get Grossed Out Easily

I admit there are very disturbing things you will see that may haunt you for a long time. But that’s all about being a healthcare professional.

Parental Pressure

If medicine is not your passion and you desire to accomplish something else in life then don’t do medicine.

Some people do medicine because of their parents but don’t mind doing medicine. They can deal with doing medicine without it being a big deal or torture. But you should stop early if you know you can’t do medicine. It’s like trying to make someone learn when they’re really tired.

It’s doable but makes it more challenging.

If you’re worried about the disappointment I promise you quitting early will be much less painful then going to medical school and dropping out during the second year.

Be honest and it might be hard but trust me it’ll be better in the long run


Medical school has a lot to do with stress. From passing impossible exams, learning practical skills, keeping up with activities beyond school is hard to manage.

Not only is the material stressful to learn and can get overwhelming but juggling other things such as work, sports, friends, relationships, or even religious beliefs.

There can be some things you see which can be disturbing or even depressing so just be aware. If handling stress isn’t your thing then maybe medicine right

Not Good With People

The medical field is all about working with patients and interacting with people daily. Even if you plan on becoming a surgeon thinking you won’t see the patient it’s a lot different than that.

From talking with other healthcare professions such as pharmacists, nurses, other doctors, or even talking to families and patients discussing the procedure or effects on something. It’s mainly on people skills and learning how to be patient with people.

And just a heads up not everyone is friendly and kind.

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