Newsletter #4 – Coffee, Remnote and Rubies of the Month!


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Rubies of the Month

This is a new section in which I can share some of the best/most interesting things that I have created for Revising Rubies in the last month.

It is a little self-serving, but considering this is a newsletter from Revising Rubies, I thought it would be appropriate.

I also thought it would interesting to shed some light on my creative process. It might help you if you are considering starting a blog/YouTube channel.


Medmentor Review: A Fantastic Site for Medical School Applicants

This article I wrote might seem a little left-field if you regularly read my blog.

It is a review of a website that has been set up for those applying to medicine in the UK.

The reason I wrote it though is that the co-founder is a good friend of mine. He didn’t explicitly ask me to write it for him and I didn’t get any money from it, but in business, it is important to give and take so that everyone benefits as much as possible.

Therefore, even though it is unlikely to get as many views as my other articles, it is still important for other reasons.

And you never know, Medmentor could end up being a leader in medical education in the next 10 years.


Why Kharma Medic is WRONG About Taking Notes in Medical School

I thought I might try something a bit different with this video.

Admittedly, I was going for the clickbait.

However, I did think that it would be useful for those who follow Kharmam medic as he discusses a technique that I don’t think is particularly effective (watch the video to find out what I’m talking about).

I had to photoshop the picture of him which took some time. However, it’s relatively easy and I didn’t even have to use the real Adobe Photoshop (I just typed in “online photoshop” and used the first thing which came up – it worked a treat!).

Study/Productivity Tip

Coffee is one of those things which I never learnt the value of until I started university.

It is a fantastic drink that can keep you motivated and going. It is surprising how much you can get done in the morning if you have just had a cup of black coffee.

I don’t do anything too fancy. Just a simple cup of instant coffee with one teaspoon of sugar. It does the trick.

I can easily get 50% more done when I am filled with coffee. It is particularly useful on the days where am feeling like a lazy sloth.

One tip I recommend though is that you don’t consume it every day. Aim for 3/4 times a week. It prevents you from getting sensitised to caffeine and keeps its effectiveness for when you need it.

25% Off Any Quesmed Subscription

Code: RRS25

There are some new people on this newsletter so I thought to keep this code here.

Quesmed is a question bank for medical students (akin to Passmed). If you use the code above you get 25% off any subscription and it also helps me out.

Thank you in advance for levelling up your medical education and helping me out at the same time! 


I have discovered a brand new app this month which I am extremely excited to share with you (and I am not being paid to say any of this – unfortunately).

Remnote is a note-taking app that is a combination of Anki and Notion. You can write notes as you can with any other note-taking app, but Remnote can make flashcards directly out of these notes.

You can then study these cards in a separate section of the app called the “Queue”.

I have been using it for over two weeks now and it has genuinely been a refreshing change from Anki.

You can check it out here – again, not an affiliate link 🙁

Look out for some blogs/YouTube videos which I will be making about it over the next few months.

YouTube Videos/Channels

  • KharmaKast – A Konversation with That Medic – A podcast with Kharma medic and That medic which is filled with banter and some useful insights into the life of a core surgical trainee.
  • Yathprem – A UCL medical student who I found recently. He makes interesting content about productivity and life as a medical student. The last medical student that I recommended went from 1k to 80k followers (totally because of my recommendation), so it seems medical students are on the rise. Therefore, subscribe to this one before he gets to 10k!

Quote of the Month

“A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man wants one”

Other Thoughts

  • Consistency – I talked last month about consistency and how I would cope with all the stresses of my final year of medicine while continuing this business on the side. Well, in the last month I have decided to reduce my blogs to every other week. Doing a blog every fortnight will give me the chance to focus on the things which are most important (university) while still staying on the grind in the long term.


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Monthly Newsletter #4

This newsletter was sent on 2nd March 2021

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