Newsletter #2 – New Years Resolutions and Enjoying the Little Things!

Dear all,

Happy New Year!

Hopefully, you have all been able to have a relaxing couple of weeks at home and are ready for new and exciting challenges in 2021.

Monthly Gems – New Years Resolutions

Every year, we try to make new year resolutions. They are hard to stick to for more than a month. I have a few tips that you may find useful for anything new you want to do this year. 

  • Don’t be ambitious – Although it is tempting to say that you want to quit all junk foods from your diet, it is likely you won’t last long if you are too extreme with your goals. Stick to simple and attainable things like “have one sweet thing per day”.
  • Consistency is key – No matter what your goals, try to do them regularly. Whether it be every day or every week. It will make it a habit and help you keep at it even when you want to give up.
  • Aim to never stop – Do it forever. If you want to read a book every month, then that’s fine, but your goal should be to read a book a month for the rest of your life. This mindset will help you shift your lifestyle in the direction that you want it to go.

YouTube Video/Channel

  • Zach Highley – a YouTuber I recently discovered who talks a lot about medical school and Anki. He produces videos which are a lot more simple than AnKing videos who can make your head spin with overly complex add-on implementations and settings.
  • Ali Abdaal – How Much I Earned in 2020 – My Best Year Ever – This video will give you some motivation for those wanting to start an online business. The rewards can take some time to come but are well worth the wait if you stick by it.

Other Thoughts

  • Enjoying the little things in life – Watching the newly released Disney film Soul was an enjoyable if slightly confusing ride. However, the main point of the movie was to enjoy the small things in life. The sun shining on your face, the cold crisp air of a winter night or simply waking up in a cosy bed. It makes you think about if life is about achieving some arbitrary goal or something deeper. If happiness can be found from these simple activities, what’s the point of working so hard? These are questions to ponder, and which if you can answer, will make your life a lot more fruitful.


And so begins another year. I wish you all a successful and prosperous 2021. 

Until next month. Best wishes,

Husein Essaji 

Monthly Newsletter #2

This newsletter was sent on 1st January 2021

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