Newsletter #1 – Website Updates, Study Tips, YouTube and More!

Dear all,

Welcome to Revising Rubies’ first-ever Newsletter!

Why this is the first-ever newsletter? Well, the answer is pretty simple. I needed to get a minimum number of people to sign up to be allowed to start sending out emails. So now that I finally reached that, I can begin these newsletters.

The plan is to send a newsletter on the first of every month (it got delayed this time for unforeseen technical issues). I’ll try to keep them packed with information that I don’t provide anywhere else in the hope that you look forward to each newsletter rather than unsubscribing.

Website Updates

I have finally published the Rubyfinals deck. It is a bunch of Anki decks made for clinical medical students. I discuss what it is and why they are useful on the page itself so you can check it out if you are interested. It is still being developed but you can download the Cardio and Resp decks today.

Monthly Gems

Every month I will provide a few things that I learned in the past months. Snippets of advice that are too short to make into a full blog post. 

  • Exam studying tip – This week I had a “Bioengineering in Urology” exam. The online lectures were excellently produced and so I decided to make them my main focus. After each slide, I would pause the recording and recall everything that was discussed. After the lecture was done, I summarised as much as I could remember before moving on. The next day I then recalled the lecture again. It worked well and put into practice active recall.
  • Keeping a journal – I have pondered in the past if keeping a diary is a useful thing for me to do. Rather than go all-in on daily journaling, I have decided to make a weekly business journal. It has been a useful tool which allows me to see the progress that I have made over the last few months.

YouTube Video/Channel

Every month, I plan on giving an interesting YouTube video or channel that I especially enjoyed. They may or may not be medical school-related but they will always be useful in some capacity. 

  • Income School – an excellent YouTube Channel for anyone that wants to make a business online. They talk about blogging and how they have made several websites over the years which earn then hundreds of thousands of pounds. They don’t use any dodgy tactics like others sometimes recommend but rather tell their users to focus on content. I owe a big thank you to them as they have given me a method for my own website and YouTube channel. 
  • Brandon Sanderson – Brandon is a best-selling author of epic fantasy. He has created books which some regard as the best fantasy books ever written and will likely go down in history on similar status to a Tolkien or G. Martin. I found his YouTube channel to be as thought-provoking and relatable as his stories and would recommend them to anyone even remotely interested in writing.

Other Thoughts

Here I will discuss some philosophical thoughts that don’t fit into any of the other sections. 

  • Student vs teacher – After an hour tutoring one of my students, I sat with my mentor to go through the research project I am working on. Going from teacher to student in such a short period was a humbling experience and one that clarified how doctors are meant to be both scholars and educators. Clinicians have to keep up with the constant updates in the treatment and management of diseases while still pass on our knowledge to those of lower rank. It makes me proud that I can be part of such a noble profession.


I hope you enjoyed my first ever email.

If you had any thoughts/comments then please feel free to engage with me by emailing me at [email protected]. I am hoping to improve this newsletter each time I send it out so if this isn’t to your taste then let me know what I should work on.

Stay safe,

Husein Essaji

Monthly Newsletter #1

This newsletter was sent on 2nd December 2020

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