MacBook Pro (13 Inch) Review

Quick Review

The Macbook Pro is a fantastic laptop with great longevity. However even for someone who has the cash to burn it is definitely not a cheap option.


  • A bright and colourful display
  • Longevity
  • Trackpad is great
  • Well built design


  • Expensive
  • Touchbar can be temperamental
  • Keypad needs some getting used to

Overall Rating = 9/10


UK: £1,299 – £1,999

US: $1,299 – $1,999

The base model (£1299) is definitely the one you should be looking at as unless you are doing heavy film editing with 4K footage, a student doesn’t need anything else.

Full Written Review


I have had this Macbook for 3.5 years and absolutely love it. There are very few products that I have bought which I can truly say that about, however, this is one of them.


For those of you thinking “You’re just an Apple fanboy”, it’s true. I am. Although I don’t have an iPhone (currently have a Oneplus 6T for those wondering) I will be getting one when it is time for my next upgrade. 

The display is fantastic and probably for the first month that I bought it I could not stop looking at how amazing it was. Even now when I have to use another laptop/screen with inferior screen quality for a few days, coming back to the Macbook is a genuine joy. 

Over the last 3.5 years of being a University student, this laptop has served extremely well. If I need to ever make anything, write my essays or just watch YouTube videos then it works without fault. If I were to go back then I would not change it for any other laptop. 


However, I cannot pretend that everything about this laptop is amazing. First off is the touch bar. It sounds great but in reality, it is the occasions that it is useful are few and far between and it tends to be faulty and can freeze randomly. However, it is a crowd-pleaser that is for sure. 

My version of the Macbook (2016) has the old butterfly keyboards. I don’t use them as much as I used to because of the Bluetooth keyboard that I use, and the newer versions have the classic scissor-style keyboard. Therefore this is more of a con with my laptop than the laptop you will be getting. 

Finally the price. There are many other windows options out there for someone willing to go down that route. A quick google search of “best Windows laptops for £1000” brings a plethora of results. However, it has to be said that even though you will be paying a premium for the Apple brand, there is a reason why students all over the world still buy it. It just works.

The Macbook Air lineup from Apple is an extremely attractive alternative for those that want to save £300 cheaper but keep the fantastic design. They may not be as powerful as the Pro, however, if you are going to be using it for simple tasks like web browsing and media consumption, then it might be all you need.


JETech 2156 Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

An excellent alternative to Apple’s official keyboard. It has a lot of good reviews and that’s because it is great. It works as promised.

The Bluetooth never cuts out and the typing is instantaneous. It is also very easy to set up.


TeckNet Bluetooth Mouse, 3000DPI Wireless Mouse

Another excellent alternative to Apple’s official mouse. Similar to the JETech Keyboard that I purchased, the Bluetooth never cuts out and has worked excellently since the day I bought it.

Cover Case

Inateck Case Cover Sleeve Ultrabook Netbook Carrying Case Protector Bag

A very solid choice for School and University goers. Maintains a simple but classy look which can go well with a sleek backpack.

My Macbook Model

For full disclosure have the 2016 Macbook 13 Inch and got it in September 2016. There is not much difference between the 2016 and 2020 models other than upgraded internal specs.

I have needed to repair it twice: once for a fan problem and once for the display turning off suddenly. Although these were frustrating, Apple’s customer service is best in class and there was nothing to complain about.


MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)
Processor 2.9 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5
Memory 8GB RAM
Storage 256GB

Conclusion – Should I Buy It?

If you have enough money to spend then this is a laptop that can take you through School, University and beyond. I know people who have had their Macbook for 8+ years and it is still going strong (and as the laptops get better the longevity only increases). 

However, you may also want to consider the Macbook Airs. They might not be as powerful, but they are £300 cheaper with the same fantastic design. 

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