5 YouTube Channels Every Student Needs to Watch

Here is a list of the best Youtube channels that are perfect for all students: you’ll definitely find someone you haven’t heard of.

The Youtube channels mentioned below are not given in any order.

1- Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal Youtube Banner

Ali Abdaal is a Doctor who graduated from Cambridge University and makes all sorts of videos ranging from tech to medicine.

Recommended for: Medical students, productivity nerds and tech enthusiast
Bonus Channels: Kharma Medic, That Medic, Doctor Mike, Anas Nuur Ali

2 – Matt D’Avella

Matt D'Avella.jpg

Matt D’Avella is a guy who loves his cinematography and making the most out of every second of his life.

Recommended for: Productivity nerds, entrepreneurs and minimalists
Bonus Channels: The Minimalists

3. TED-Ed


Ted-Ed (as well as its sister channel Ted Talks) is watched by millions of people around the world. It is an incredible place to learn about empires gone by and fascinating people of the past.

Recommended for: Life-long learners
Bonus Channels: Big Think, Discovery, TED

4. Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt logo.png

Kurzgusagt is the channel for the scientists and the ones who love watching pretty animations. They spend hundreds of hours on their videos and you can definitely tell.

Recommended for: Scientists and life-long learners
Bonus Channels: Vsauce, Smarter Every Day, CGP Grey, Numberphile, It’s Okay To Be Smart

5. PictureFit

Picture Fit Logo.png

A fitness channel with a focus on evidence-based tips. Will help anyone out who needs to lose that extra bit of fat!

Recommended for: Fitness nerds, gym-goers and the health-conscious
Bonus Channels: Jeremy Ethier, OmarIsuf, Jeff Nippard 

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