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22 Best Anki Decks of All Time

Want some inspiration as to which Anki decks to use? Look no further as below are the 22 best Anki decks ever made!


Medical Decks

  1. AnKing
  2. Dope
  3. Flashfinals

Geography Decks

  1. Ultimate Geography
  2. The United States of America
  3. United Kingdom Geography
  4. German Federal States

Language Decks

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. Arabic
  6. Morse Code
  7. Sign Language
  8. NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Chemistry Decks

  1. Amino Acids
  2. Periodic Table

Random Decks

  1. Multiplication
  2. US Bill of Rights
  3. US Presidents
  4. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
  5. Fonts

Extra Information

1. AnKing

human heart scale model

Notes = 23,000
Size = 9 MB
Last Updated = June 2020

The AnKing deck is a fantastic deck for medical students around the world. Make for the USMLE Step examinations; it is an all-encompassing deck that is a must for any medical student.

For anyone studying for the USMLE or just medicine in general, the AnKing deck is a great resource. It is regularly updated on the MedSchoolAnki Reddit page, where you can find other students giving helpful tips on using Anki in medical school.

The deck is based on the original Zanki and Bluegalaxies decks (weird names, I know). The AnKing deck then tagged every card with Boards and Beyond, Sketchy Path and the First Aid book.

The AnKing also has an excellent YouTube channel which I would highly recommend for any medical student wanting to start using Anki.

The deck doesn’t have any images for copyright reasons, but you can easily find a deck which has added all the images.

Why Is This Deck Not on AnkiWeb?

It may seem strange that I am sending you to someone’s website to download this deck. However, there is a good reason for it.

In the history of medical school Anki decks, the Reddit page of MedSchoolAnki has been pivotal.

It has provided key decks that have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of students worldwide.

For various reasons, it is easier to upload the deck via Google drive than to AnkiWeb.

After initially uploading to Reddit, AnKing made his website with all the information compiled in one place.

2. Dope (Basic Science, Clinical, & Anatomy)

Notes = 1128
Size = 87 MB
Last Updated = May 2018

Anatomy is one of those subjects that Anki is perfect for. You can easily download a deck from the internet and learn all the bones and muscles of the body and their complicated Latin names.

Dope Anatomy is an excellent deck for those wanting to learn Anatomy.

You will also find a link to the clinical medicine and medical science decks on the Reddit page.

You can find the Original Dope Anatomy Deck on this Reddit page.

If you want an updated version of the deck, which is fully tagged click, check out this Fully Tagged Dope Anatomy deck.

A full list of anatomy decks can be found here (as well as all other medical school-related decks)

As a side note, ensure to download the Image Occlusion add-on, which will help you make your anatomy flashcards.

Why Is This Deck on Reddit?

This is similar to the answer given above.

In short, it is because all the medical school-related decks have historically been uploaded to Reddit.

It is safe to download these decks as hundreds, if not thousands, of people have already downloaded the deck without a problem before you.

3. Flashfinals

Notes = 3203
Size = 2 MB
Last Updated = Oct 2018

This is the perfect deck for UK medical students studying clinical medicine.

There are many decks for US medical students, but this deck is specially made for the UK.

It breaks down all the central diseases you need to know into their signs and symptoms, treatment options, risk factors and more. It covers much of the material you will need to know in your clinical years.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides.

It has way too much information on the back of each card, meaning you will have to spend a lot of time turning them into cloze cards (I suggest using the Cloze Overlapper tool – you have to contribute to Glutanimate’s Patreon to get access to it).

If you would instead download each deck individually (e.g. cardiology, respiratory, haematology), go to their official Flashfinals website. The website has been taken down. Please visit the Rubyfinals page to download the original decks.

4. Ultimate Geography

blue, green, and yellow world map

Notes = 304
Size = 11 MB
Last Updated = June 2020

Do you know that guy who always knows the capital cities of every country? You’ve always wanted to beat him at his own games but just never knew how.

Well, now, with this Ultimate Geography deck, you can smash him out of the park.

This fantastic deck is regularly updated and will help you learn about the world’s capital cities and the country’s location and flag.

The countries and capital city cards all have reverse cards too. This means one card will say “Spain” with the back saying “Madrid” while another will say “Madrid” with the back saying “Spain” (one card asks for the capital of Spain, and another card asks for the country in which Madrid is located).

If this feature wasn’t there, you might only learn the card in one direction.

Another reason why this deck is simply incredible is that it is available in 5 languages!

English, German, Spanish, French and Norwegian.

Therefore, if you wanted to learn a new language, this is an excellent way of killing two bird with one stone. You learn a new language while also learning the capitals of the world.

Here is a list of what the deck contains:

  • 206 sovereign states (824 cards)
  • 52 territories, world regions, and other entities (98 cards)
  • 39 oceans and seas (39 cards)
  • 7 continents (7 cards)

A good alternative is this [VectorMaps] Countries of the World deck.

5. The United States of America

Map, Usa Map, Usa, United, States, America

Notes = 50
Size = 4 MB
Last Updated = May 2013

The US is slightly different from most countries in the world. Each state has a set of rules and practices that can vary significantly from one to the other. That is why Americans often find the state they live in a better representation of where they come from than just saying the US.

Because of this, you should probably know all the 50 states in America!

Similar to the Ultimate Geography deck, this deck helps you memorise all US states’ locations and capitals.

Unfortunately, the last time this deck was updated was in May 2013. However, the states of the US haven’t changed in the last seven years, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

6. United Kingdom Geography

two people pointing at London's number one sightseeing map

Notes = 190
Size = 20 MB
Last Updated = June 2020

This deck includes the United Kingdom’s regions, counties, and cities.

This an excellent deck for someone who is of moving to the UK and wants to learn the complicated-sounding counties like “Shropshire” and “Lincolnshire”.

It includes:

  • 12 top-level regions (e.g. Scotland, East of England)
  • 64 Ceremonial Counties for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland
  • 32 Scottish Council Areas
  • 69 cities
  • 15 assorted seas, channels, estuaries, straits and oceans

7. German Federal States

Germany, Map, Republic, Travel, Europe, Geography

Notes = 16
Size = 4 MB
Last Updated = Aug 2019

Combining this deck with all the other geography decks will make you a complete beast regarding world maps and countries.

This deck contains all 16 federal states of Germany, including all capitals, geographical positions, coats of arms and flags.

The images are of high resolution helping you identify minor details, e.g. in a coat of arms.

8. English

English, English Language, Language, Study, School

Notes = 3871
Size = 214 MB
Last Updated = July 2020

The 4000 Essential English Words is the highest-rated deck on the platform, with nearly 2000 upvotes.

It will be helpful to both native and non-native speakers of the language to help improve vocabulary and word pronunciation.

It is also one of the largest file sizes on the list, so be prepared to wait for it to download.

You can buy movie-specific decks on the page, a unique and exciting feature. It is undoubtedly a good way of improving your English while still having fun.

It is a regularly updated deck and is one of the best decks ever made.

Indeed, check it out.

9. French

low-angle photography of Eiffel Tower in Paris during daytime

Notes = 10700
Size = 72 MB
Last Updated = Feb 2020

This deck has the top 5000 most frequently used words in French ordered by frequency.

Therefore, you can start with the most common words, slowly building up to the more tricky and complex ones on the list.

It also contains entire sentences, which are vital as they help consolidate the language (currently, sentences comprise 22% of the deck, with the author wishing to expand this further in the future).

An alternative is the following decks (split into three parts):

  1. 16000 French sentences sorted from easiest to hardest [1/3]
  2. 16000 French sentences sorted from easiest to hardest [2/3]
  3. 16000 French sentences sorted from easiest to hardest [3/3]

In reality, you only need the first of the three decks if you are a beginner.

10. German

brown wooden fence with love text

Notes = 4214
Size = 46 MB
Last Updated = May 2015

This deck contains the top 4000 words in German, with audio for each word.

It does seem to have a few downvotes, but the problems are fixed regularly, so there is no need to worry about them.

This A2 Wortliste Goethe (vocab, sentences, audio, translation) deck is a good alternative. It has 49 upvotes and mainly focuses on sentences.

11. Spanish Top 5000 Vocabulary

Hola LED signage

Notes = 5001
Size = 76 MB
Last Updated = Oct 2017

Similar to the deck mentioned above, this Spanish deck has the top 5000 words used in the language.

It is an excellent deck that I have personally been using to improve my Spanish skills.

It also has pictures for every card and orders the 5000 from most to least common.

The audio given for every word ensures will always be able to pronounce the word.

All in all, this is a fantastic deck that I highly recommend.

12. Qur’anic Vocabulary

Quran, Ramadhan, Ramadan, Muslim, Islamic, Community

Notes = 15346
Size = 1.5 MB
Last Updated = Feb 2020

A deck for anyone wanting to learn either classical Arabic or the meaning of the Quran.

It states how many times the word has appeared in the Quran, as well as links the definitions back to specific instances where the word has been used.

You can tell it took a lot of effort to make this deck.

An alternative if you just want the top 5000 Arabic words is this 5000 Most Frequently Used Arabic Words deck.

13. Morse Code

Notes = 38
Size = 3 MB
Last Updated = Feb 2020

A fun deck will help you memorise the letters in the morse code alphabet.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to learn morse code just by using this deck. However, it is sure to supplement your learning if using other resources.

It uses mnemonics to help remember each letter and also includes pictures.

14. Sign Language

person's left hand

Notes = 175
Size = 12 MB
Last Updated = Jan 2019

This deck will help you learn sign British sign language.

It uses images from the official British Sign Language Twitter account, which is a great account you should be following.

Although slightly different from the other languages on the list, it might just be the most useful.

Sign language is the only way to communicate for someone who cannot speak. Therefore, learning it can help the few who need it the most.

Considering it is only 175 notes, it will only take a few weeks to learn but can make a difference to people’s lives for years.

15. NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Notes = 26
Size = 0.01 MB
Last Updated = Aug 2015

This deck is great if you ever want to sound cool at parties.

It is a small deck that can be memorised in only a few days.

It comprises the International Radiotelephony Spelling (aka NATO) Alphabet, commonly used by the military to spell words.

The first three letters of the alphabet are:

  • a = alpha
  • b = bravo
  • c = charlie

After learning this deck, you will always be able to spell words for those important phone calls!

16. Amino Acids

Notes = 20
Size = 0.1 MB
Last Updated = Jan 2015

Having trouble learning the names and molecules of the 20 amino acids? Or maybe you are studying chemistry, biochemistry or medicine?

Then this is the deck for you!

You’ll learn the structure, abbreviations and charge/polarity of all 20 amino acids.

17. Periodic Table

Notes = 108
Size = 0.07 MB
Last Updated = Jun 2020

This deck will help you memorise every element’s name, atomic number and abbreviation.

It uses an attractive “memory pegs” technique to help you memorise the periodic table of elements.

The deck connects a symbol to each element so that when you try answering the flashcard, you remember the symbol first, helping you remember the element.

One of the reviewers of the decks states how at firsts, it is a bit tricky, but once you get it, everything suddenly “clicks”.

18. Multiplication

E-mc2 written on chalkboard

Notes = 380
Size = 0.03 MB
Last Updated = July 2017

If you want to learn your time tables all over again, this is the deck for you.

It covers all the time tables from 2 to 20.

Considering how much we use mental maths in our day-to-day lives, this deck might save you time for years to come.

19. US Bill of Rights

Notes = 17
Size = 0.01 MB
Last Updated = Feb 2012

A deck for history buffs that can’t get enough of the US.

Composed of six “lessons”, it is designed to help you memorize the text of the first ten Amendments to the US Constitution (aka the Bill of Rights).

By the sixth lesson, you’ll be able to type the full text of the Amendments from memory!

20. US Presidents

Notes = 44
Size = 0.4 MB
Last Updated = Jan 2016

This deck is a simple deck to help you learn about the presidents of the US.

It includes pictures and the dates they were in term for.

If combined with the US Bill of Rights deck, you will look like a US history nerd! But hey, who cares. There’s no such thing as too much knowledge.

21. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Notes = 69
Size = 17 MB
Last Updated = May 2020

Everyone was interested in the Ancient Egyptians at some point in their lives.

With this deck, you can reignite that interest and turn it into a true passion.

Find out about all the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt by learning their names, what they were the god of and what they looked like.

You could even go the extra mile and expand the deck to include all the pharaohs.

22. Fonts

black New York texts

Notes = 47
Size = 0.6 MB
Last Updated = June 2017

I know this is a slightly strange deck but it could be very useful.

If you ever found yourself looking through Microsoft Word or Google Docs wanting that perfect font but not being able to find it, then you need this deck.

After memorising over 45 different fonts, you will instantly be able to know what font to use and when to use it.

Give it a go and see how useful it is for you.

Tips for Using Shared Decks

Here are some things you should be aware of before using shared decks:

  • They will require a bit of editing – The great thing about pre-made decks is that they save a tonne of time. You don’t have to make hundreds of cards yourself. However, you will still have to edit them to get them to look how you want. In the end, I still think it is worth getting pre-made decks, as they have done 80% of the work for you. The final 20% is all that is needed to be edited.
  • You’ll be doing a lot of research – If you make your flashcards, chances are that you will understand everything on the card when you see it in your review sessions. Unfortunately, when you see a new card for the first time, it may require you to research before you understand what the card is talking about. Again, pre-made decks will most likely save you time, but just be aware that if you don’t know anything in the deck, you might be better off just making your cards.
  • You probably won’t end up doing all the cards – Depending on which deck you choose, it could take months and months before you even complete half of your cards. Therefore, if a Spanish deck has 5000 cards, try and do the most useful ones first so that you don’t end up learning niche words that no one ever uses and never get a chance to get to the crucial words.
  • Don’t download too many decks – Just because I have given a long list of unique Anki decks doesn’t mean you should start doing all of them straight away. Pick a few that you like and stick to them. Be consistent with doing your reviews every day. If you download too many decks, you will almost certainly never get a chance to do most of them to a reasonable level. It’s better to stick to a few and do them well.
  • Read the reviews – There are loads of decks on AnkiWeb, but not all are made equal. Make sure you have a read of the reviews and see how many people have thumbed up the deck before you download and start memorising it. You don’t want to crappy deck with loads of mistakes.
  • Don’t always look at “last updated” – Some decks are timeless and rarely need updating. For example, the USA vector maps deck (number 5 on the list) was last updated in 2013. Does that it’s terrible? Of course not! It is still a great deck that should. be used by anyone wanting to learn about the states. Of course, some decks should be updated regularly, like the AnKing medical school deck (number 1 on the list).

Another approach you can take is downloading a deck and using it for ideas. You don’t necessarily have to use all the cards in the deck.

Where to Find More Anki Decks

Here are some places where you can find more Anki decks:

Level Up Your Skills With This Incredible Course by the AnKing!

Also, check out the AnkiHub and AnKing Membership to become an Anki Ninja!

This is not a paid banner, but I get a commission for every person who uses the link.

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